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Facilitating Investment & Trade in the World's Emerging Markets

GBS is a bottom-line focused firm, dedicated to creating client value through the active alignment of business interests, project opportunities, targeted financing and government development objectives.  GBS’s value paradigm is strategic, conceptual and operational, having developed expertise to guide clients in each stage of deal development; from origination through conclusion.  This type of service allows GBS to provide its clients with the opportunity to better leverage their existing resources to fully maximize the returns on its operations and product/service offerings.

Drawing on its extensive knowledge of the diverse political, economic, regulatory and bureaucratic operating environments in emerging markets, GBS excels for its clients by:

  • Assessing global economic trends and how they can affect specific business operations. 

  • Identifying new investment opportunities and business transactions, and developing market entry strategies to fully capitalize those opportunities.

    • Engaging in capital-raising and project finance structuring —including equity, debt and grant financing.

    • Accessing and leveraging resources of investment promotion agencies, development finance institutions and multinational finance organization in support of achieving clients' specific objectives, including the World Bank Group, the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) and the U.S. and African Export-Import Banks.

    • Developing strategic alliances with local, regional and international partners that most effectively advance the key aims of the client. 

    • Navigating government bureaucracies to resolve specific regulatory and policy disputes in order to bring a project to a successful--and timely--conclusion.

    • Providing guidance and insights on people, politics, economies and risks specific to the targeted markets and/or sectors.

    • Developing effective messaging and communication strategies.

    • Engaging senior government decision-makers, business leaders and opinion makers to promote a project's key attributes.