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Facilitating Investment & Trade in the World's Emerging Markets

Since its founding in 1991, Global Business Strategies (GBS) has operated at the highest-levels of business and government, developing an intimate knowledge of the markets and establishing well-placed networks that facilitate invaluable access to individuals, information and investment opportunities.  Building on this experience, GBS provides its clients with cutting-edge advice and analysis of market entry and investment opportunities; identifies strategic alliances which enhance its clients' investments and business transactions; and facilitates funding to support those objectives.

Success in business is as much a result of sound commercial decisions as it is the realistic appraisal of a country's political and economic environment and a practical understanding of its processes of government.  Timing and access to the decision-makers and opinion-shapers, and careful monitoring of political developments and policy decisions, are critical to an organization's successful engagement in a country.  In addition to its business and investment advisory, GBS offers its clients the invaluable political insights and access needed to build, protect and enhance their operations and investments.